Arraigarte 2018

The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), is a unit of the Federal Executive Power of the Government of Mexico, responsible of promoting the implementation of a support policy that allows producers to improve their practices by efficiently using the competitive advantages of the agricultural, livestock and fishing sector, encouraging the participation of producer organizations with economic projects.

YEAR 2018
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial Design
    • DESIGN Mario Campos
    • COPYWRITER AND CONTENT Fernando I. Lozano
    • ILLUSTRATION Xtian Arredondo Narváez / Fabiola Bavel / Mario I. Campos Castillo / Meel Cerecere / Alexander de la Croix / Sylvia Díaz Covarrubias / Alondra Elu / Fanngora / Ricardo Faz Villareal / Miguel Ángel García Compeán / Gerardo García González / Alberto González Sánchez / Ana Lucía González Sánchez / Mariana Guerrero / Jon Hutchinson / Jazmín Ivette / Guillermo Lavín / Eliane Mancera / Alice Martínez / Enrique Martínez Guerrero / José Luis Martínez Quintanilla "Marin"/ Indi Maverick / Memola / Ari Navarrete / Xarlie Orozco / Adrián Oviedo / Rosana Segura “Garavatito” / Florencia "Ootoro" Torres / Eugenia Valdés / Salvador Verano Calderon / Sonia Viento / Danilo Vivanco / Zilia Zentella.
Process / Creative proposal

For the 2018 edition of the Arraigarte program, a book of high cultural, artistic and aesthetic value was designed in order to expose the dynamics among Mexican illustrators and the importance of the field in the future development of the country.

The book focuses on highlighting the diversity of places from which success cases driven by entrepreneurs can come from. Through the signage of these localities on infographic maps, the importance of these places is recognized, sometimes of some city, others of a small town or locality, but which are admired and inspire us equally.

This coffee table book is the solution developed in the studio in order to highlight and expose the outstanding projects of the small producers of the country's countryside through the vision illustrated by many emerging Mexican artists.

In this way, a collective dissemination tool for SAGARPA is created where several disciplines meet a common goal.