bdr Website 2016

beauty done right (bdr) is a skincare brand in Los Angeles California that promotes beauty for all skin types with the idea that conventional beauty will never be a "one size fit"

YEAR 2020
    • DESIGN Julián Iñiguez
      Paulina Álvarez
    • PHOTOGRAPHY vía unsplash and bdr
Process / Creative proposal

The concept for the website design represents the ideals of the brand. In this case, the brand's products were associated with the drops used as medicine to solve an immediate need and the ones doctors prescribe as a remedy of local use in skin, eyes, and mouth.

The alchemists melted elements and chemicals that preceded to metals as we know them today. Through these practices, it was discovered how to stabilize precious metals to use them as jewels of great value. The bdr products are drops of a similar value to gold, thus being the best bet for skincare.

Based on the concept we build a 4-page site and an anticipation landing page of the website. The design is minimalist and delicate like a precious metal, counting with gold, rose gold, and white gold details.

bdr products must be easy to use, so we designed a series of icons that facilitate the understanding of product usage. As well on the website, they’re used to identify the important aspects of the pages.

bdr through its site connects, educates, and simplifies the process to help consumers instantly decide if a product or technology is useful for them.