TEC de Monterrey Counselors Book

In 2021, the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey wanted to recognize its most influential advisors and the president of the TEC board now that the time has come for his retirement from the institution.

YEAR 2021
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial
    • DESIGN Paulina Alvarez
      Lidice Mendoza
      Andrea Rodarte
    • ILLUSTRATION Mario Campos
    • EDITORIAL ADVICE Oriana Hernández
      Irene Torres
Process / Creative proposal

This series of 4 books is a tribute to each of them. We design a high quality book and packaging under the “Inventor” concept. An inventor creates or develops something unprecedented, someone who innovates and transforms people's lives.

As the most important inventors in the world, each member of the TEC council has had to overcome various tests in his life, persisting and seeking innovative solutions to achieve his goals.

This gives more value to his trajectory, and makes them inspiring characters for future generations. Each councilor was assigned an inventor with a similar personality to highlight their potential and the importance of each one.

The editorial design is based on inventors' notebook annotations simulating blueprints, using dotted lines and small highlighted paragraphs to highlight keywords; We also highlight typographic compositions, numbers and some pictograph-style illustrations resembling hand-sketches.

The emblem created by RESET imitates the composition of the Compass Rose symbol, distributing the company's initials at the four ends of the figure. The morphology of the wordmark is inspired by the monospaced typefaces that provide great readability in an environment such as imports where clear character identification is of paramount importance. Also, for years monospaced fonts have been used in transportation systems for their practicality when making immediate decisions.

The result was a solution that reflects the turn of the company. Your place in the world. The destination they want to reach.