Specialists in International Trade of the Northeast (ECIN as their initials in Spanish), is a company established in Texas, which offers logistics solutions for imports and cargo movements in the northeastern region of Mexico and the southern United States.

YEAR 2022
    • DESIGN Paulina Alvarez
      Ana Cristina Espinosa (2020)
    • ANIMATION Mario Campos
Process / Creative proposal

The cardinal points have accompanied humanity for years and have allowed them to locate the place where they are, but above all, the place they want to go. North, South, East, and West. The earth is transited following these points.

The concept follows from an analogy: the acronym ECIN is made up of four letters that function as four addresses. This refers to the work carried out by the company, the export, and import to any direct or intermediate point of the four cardinal points.

Orientation, base, and destination were keywords in the development of the graphic identity of this project, represented by means of graphics, details, and compositions inspired by the design of the antique Cartesian planes.

The emblem created by RESET imitates the composition of the Compass Rose symbol, distributing the company's initials at the four ends of the figure. The morphology of the wordmark is inspired by the monospaced typefaces that provide great readability in an environment such as imports where clear character identification is of paramount importance. Also, for years monospaced fonts have been used in transportation systems for their practicality when making immediate decisions.

The result was a solution that reflects the turn of the company. Your place in the world. The destination they want to reach.