Energize Magazine 2020

Xignux is one of the most important multinational companies in Mexico. With more than 6 decades of history and constant evolution, it has managed to transcend within two different but similar industries at the same time: Energy and Food. In 2021, Xignux celebrates 65 years of consumer innovation. That is why this 3rd edition of Energiza Magazine will celebrate this important milestone and the RESET team is part of this event.

YEAR 2021
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial
    • DESIGN Paulina Álvarez
      Zilia Zentella
Process / Creative proposal

The main source of inspiration for this project was the human body's biology. The human body is a perfect machine that uses molecules called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) so that the energy within us can power our bodies. Energiza Magazine is a reinterpretation of ATP's.

functions: it collects, transports, and distributes high-energy information through the different cells at Xignux. Through illustrations, the magazine's design reflects the main activities carried out by Xignux across all of its brands. The "Energizers", the human personnel who work within the company and who are the engine that drives the energy, are present in this project.

The key to a successful company is the union of its various cells. This story is told through our illustrations. Although each independent element has a meaning, when grouped together, each element complements the other to create a larger, complete picture: "The whole is the result of the sum of its parts."

The magazine reflects a sense of vitality and energy starting at its cover through to the last chapter, presenting on each page a new perspective that is more interesting and easier to process.