Floristería 73 202

Floristería 73 is a company dedicated to celebrate and highlight life instants through gifts, flowers and gestures. It is located in Monterrey N.L. and is distinguished by its quality, passion and creativity.

YEAR 2021
      Julián Iñiguez
    • DESIGN Julián Iñiguez
      Paulina Álvarez
    • CONTENT CREATOR Cesar Torres
Process / Creative proposal

The concept around the brand is born from numerology. Our whole life is defined by numbers and that is where Floristería 73 is, in the numbers that become memorable and unforgettable dates for everyone.

We experience so many things in our daily life that we may feel that no day is memorable, therefore the concept “Gifts That Count” allows us to start a conversation about the importance of the stories we experience through the gifts we receive and give.

The brand's logo uses features of a sans serif typeface with contrasts that make it atypical. Elegant without losing the legibility aspects of a sans serif typeface. Sackers Gothic Typeface was used as well for the design of the descriptor "Gifts That Count" which is present at different points of contact with customers.

Each touch point made for Floristería 73 has an elegant and sober color palette made up of black, beige and gold foil details, however it always tells a story either through photographs, graphics and the flowers chosen in the arrangements, generating a unique story and a customizable experience at all times.

We created a brand that allows us to remember and make tangible the best moments of our life.