UDEM annual report 2017

The University of Monterrey presented the annual report in 2017, a book that shows the results obtained in the year and relevant topics to the university. On this occasion, the institution wished to highlight its solid culture of success and excellence, emphasizing its curricular model, this is why the Academic Culture of Excellence became the main pillar of this edition.

YEAR 2017
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial Design
    • DESIGN Isabel Beltrán
    • ILLUSTRATION Mario Campos
    • EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Gabriela Guajardo
Process / Creative proposal

The information included in this report represents the fulfillment of many goals set out time ago, this premise was the starting point for the development of the concept. The fulfillment of the objectives outlined is the basis of the concept. The finish line strips used in marathons were our main reference as they represent consummation and success.


The ribbon became the main element of the visual system that we use to design graphics, numbers, letters and figures.

The ribbon extends throughout the book beginning with the cover and ending on the back cover, each section of the report contains covers and main pages where the ribbon appears; by joining all the important pages you can see the full path of the ribbon.

Composed by multiple infographics and attractive visual elements, the UDEM Annual Report 2017 manages to capture through its pages those relevant moments that occurred during the year. At the same time, through its colors, the essence of the institution and the pillars that govern the institution’s development are transmitted.

This editorial piece is the solution created by the study in response to the university's request: state the goals reached during 2017.