Annual Report “Trascender Nos Une”

Every action we take has an impact. The benefactors of the University of Monterrey know that their donations have supported hundreds of students through the "Transceder nos une" campaign, the philanthropic campaign with the social and economic impact that UDEM has had in its 50 years of history.

YEAR 2020
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial
    • DESIGN Zilia Zentella (2020)
Process / Creative proposal

Traits of an identity
The impact of all these goals, tangible and intangible, becomes their University traits. Programs, spaces, and memories are so characteristic that they begin to associate and become part of UDEM's identity. Creation of a Report that reflected and highlighted the results achieved was necessary.

Digital transcendence
It has decided to carry out a digital report as the only version, a more versatile option since its visualization is easier on a cell phone, tablet or computer. Stand out as an option much more practical besides that the distribution is a better option.

In addition, we added elements that will facilitate navigation and reading, such as a side menu bar, interactive buttons, and other functional details. The graphic style we adapted for this report has based on the concept and the campaign logo: strokes that evoke the features of a fingerprint, giving identity to the document by itself throughout all its pages.

We added a couple of complementary colors that make differentiation more marked on data and outstanding elements. Shades suitable for viewing on digital platforms. A digital version allowed us to add an animated cover, a feature that also applied to the chapter covers.

To transcend is to benefit others through the footprints we leave in each step we take.

Our collaboration project with the university left a practical and attractive document in which the process and effort of the people who left their marks with the unique intention of changing lives through education.