UDEM annual report 2016

The University of Monterrey, as it does every year, presented in 2016 its annual report, a book that shows results obtained in the year and relevant information for the university. In this edition, the institution ought to highlight how each part of the university working together with others in a precise manner resulting in the overall excellence of the institution.

YEAR 2016
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial Design
    • DESIGN Isabel Beltrán
      Erika Múzquiz
    • ILLUSTRATION Mario Campos
    • EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Gabriela Guajardo
Process / Creative proposal

The information contained in this report represents the collaborative work of a series of steps or decisions made in a strategical way related to the optimized investment of resources. Precision and synchrony became essential values ​​for the development of the concept which is inspired by the Rube Goldberg machine. Showing how simultaneous and coordinated actions are the best way to achieve results in a shorter time.

This machine became the main element of the visual system from which emerged the rest of the graphic aspects, numbers, letters and figures. The machine is showcased throughout the book, however, the elements and composition of the system was adapted in each one of the sections in order to represent the objectives of each section.

Created with multiple graphic compositions and attractive elements, the 2016 UDEM Annual Report manages to capture through its pages those relevant moments that occurred during the year.

At the same time, through its systematic graphics and assembled pieces, the pillars and excellence that governs the development of the university are transmitted.

The main objective of this editorial piece is to expose the collaborative and synchronic work that guides the university and its excellence.