UDEM Annual Report 2020

In 2020, the UDEM raised the mission of keeping providing an excellent college experience and maintaining the community together at distance.

This new vision needed to be visually displayed at the concept and design of this year’s Annual Report. The union and collaborative work were two significant points.

To allude that we use ‘Ubuntu’ as a communication vehicle, a South African origin ideology that approaches collective thinking, drifting apart from individualism and focusing on loyalty between people.

YEAR 2020
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial
    • DESIGN Zilia Zentella (2020)
    • ILLUSTRATION AND ANIMATION Mario Campos Ana Cristina Espinosa (2020)
    • VIDEO Grow Media
Process / Creative proposal

We worked on a versatile editorial document, always taking care to maintain a balance between texts and illustrations. In this new Annual Report, the illustrations took a key role since they exemplify the content of each subject through every of its pages.

Each illustration that appears it’s interconnected with the illustrations from the next pages through lines, getting together every subject and chapters of the book in a tethered and uniform way. The graphic line unifies the Report and shows the ideology of Ubuntu.

The use of distinctive color for each chapter of the book had constantly remained through the different issues of the UDEM’s Annual Report, always choosing a color palette that changes year after year.

For this year’s issue we selected and readjust some of the colors from the UDEM brand guideline manual, generating brighter colors.

The key to a successful company is the union of its various cells. This story is told through our illustrations. Although each independent element has a meaning, when grouped together, each element complements the other to create a larger, complete picture: "The whole is the result of the sum of its parts."

The magazine reflects a sense of vitality and energy starting at its cover through to the last chapter, presenting on each page a new perspective that is more interesting and easier to process.