It’s important for Dr. Mario Cardenas to show the reflection of his work ethic and professionalism through his knowledge and experience in angiology and vascular surgery which he has practiced across the years.

Being a health professional one of his opportunity areas was to improve the picture he showed to his patients.

YEAR 2021
    • DESIGN Paulina Álvarez
      Isabel Herrera (2020)
      Ana Cristina Espinosa (2020)
    • ANIMATION Mario Campos
Process / Creative proposal

Creating a branding identity for this medicine area was a big challenge for the team because our first approach in the research was shocking images of the patients' conditions which we were not used to, creating one of the first interrogations:

¿How to reach a graphic solution that explicitly shows the essence of the angiology without using references or raw images of these medical conditions?

A transparent concept. In the research we frequently met the transparency topic. We found out that the veins, arteries and our own skin are translucent. Three of the angiology main elements have these attributes, ones we took as our basis concept.

Less is more. The veins and arteries abstraction, main elements with which Dr. Mario Cardenas works, were our argument to create a formal and restrained brand. These elements end up living at the heart of the wordmark and conform the brand’s monogram.

Leaning in parallel this two elements represent the conduit where the blood flows through our body; united they form the two central letters of the brand logotype, the ‘N’ and ‘V’. This lean and that same angle between the N-V worked for us to create the identity on most brand applications.

A brilliant blending.
The color selection was a correct decision. Beginning on the fact that red and blue are the colors that on many occasions our veins and arteries are represented with. The corporate color we chose has a physical and logical reason to be, by blending red and blue we obtain purple as the main color of INVEIN’s brand.