Invest Monterrey

Invest Monterrey, is a civil association that brings together organizations and companies from the public, private and academic sectors with the aim to attract productive investment and business tourism to the Mexican state of Nuevo León, making it an attractive destination for investors from all over the world.

YEAR 2020
      Julian Iñiguez
    • DESIGN Paulina Álvarez
      Mario Campos
      Ana Cristina Espinosa (2020)
      Zilia Zentella (2020)
    • ILLUSTRATION Francisco Rodriguez Valadez
    • ANIMATION Mario Campos
Process / Creative proposal

We created a new brand that, as the very nature of the initiative, is attractive and helps position Monterrey, Nuevo León at the international business table.

All this through forceful and clear message that directly communicates the purpose of Invest, and highlights the attributes of the city and the state: Land of Business. Land of Possibilities.

The general concept is build by the attributes that this region of the country has. The way in which its inhabitants have lived life since ancient times was the source of inspiration for this idea. They are people who faced extreme weather conditions and managed to build a prosperous region almost from scratch, all through a culture of effort and hard work.

Today this part of the country continues to stand out as a land of prosperity, businessman, partners and enterprising people. A land with the capacity to exploit its potential.

“In Monterrey we don't wait for great things to happen in front of our eyes, we make them happen”.

In conclusion, we develop a graphic identity focused on the specific needs of the association, that will adjust to the context in which the brand has to live. Always innovative and with a global vision.