Kenya Hara Poster 2018

Kenya Hara is a Japanese graphic designer, particularly known for his artistic direction of the Muji chain of stores. In 2018 a call was opened to recreate his vision through a poster in which we pay tribute to his philosophy and aesthetic.

YEAR 2018
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial
    • DESIGN Julián , Erika Múzquiz
Process / Creative proposal

For the creation of this poster, the elements that are essentially related to traditional Japanese aesthetics according to Hara’s perspective were taken into account: delicacy, meticulousness, attention to detail and simplicity. The importance of negative space was taken into account from the perspective of Japanese philosophy, since they see it as a space full of energy and that is necessary for the understanding of everything.

Geometric origami figures are a way of representing Japanese tradition closeness. These were placed on top of a copper metal plate similar to the frames used in Hara's works in Muji's print advertising.

In the same way, Kanji writing system was used to strengthen the feeling of the Japanese tradition, with vertical writing being the name of the designer (kenya hara) and horizontal writing being Japan.

Through this, we managed to represent Hara's vision with simple elements showing Reset’s philosophy.