CEMEX-TEC Collection 2012 - 2017

The CEMEX-TEC Award is a well known call within Mexican territory that has recently expanded its reach, opening opportunities to participants throughout Latin America; this award recognizes and supports construction projects designed for the development of self-sustaining social communities. The book is a compilation of the projects carried out by the participants in the last year, where their proposals are exposed in detail and they are given exposure national to all involved.

YEAR 2012 - 2017
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial Design
    • DESIGN
      1. Isabel Beltrán
      2. Mario Campos
      3. Rocío Figueiredo
      4. Ana Lucía González
      5. Erika Múzquiz
      6. Sabrina Osorio
Process / Creative proposal

From the 2012 edition until 2017 we built concepts that highlight the topics related to construction and sustainability. In each edition of the book CEMEX-TEC Award we proposed alternatives to show, through the design, the essence of the themes that will be rewarded.


The collection integrates concepts on the covers and interior pages that go from urban and natural elements, to topics such as "Latin America working together" as it was in 2016, first year in which more Latin American countries joined the call. In this particular case the iconography represents projects from different countries connecting with each other to achieve a common goal and help to improve the environment.

The CEMEX-TEC Award evolves year after year incorporating new categories, adapting to new technologies, or expanding to new territories. The official books of the award make up a unique collection that visually reflects this evolution and explore innovation. It has become today a family of books that share similar traits but each volume carries on its back a distinctive color with which a bond is created between the concept and the particular essence of the theme of each year.

The chosen materials undoubtedly show the sustainable nature with which CEMEX approaches this announcement. The transition of colors we chose for the spines of the books are the main characteristic of the collection. The materials of the hardcovers gave us the opportunity to play with a debossing technique on each concept for each year in which the award was developed.

The interior pages are the reflection of the design and the composition of elements that we find framed on all the covers of the collection.