Nuevo Nuevo León Sculpture

Tradition, firmness and union are attributes that this piece manages to transmit and at the same time represents a history and a path that continues to be built with the steadiness of a rock. This sculpture is a welcome gift for Samuel García, the new governor of the state of Nuevo León, from Invest Monterrey.

YEAR 2021
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Packaging
    • DESIGN Julián Iñiguez
      Mario Campos
    • PRODUCTION Canteras Buentello
    • IRONWORK Natividad
Process / Creative proposal

The perfection in every detail of the sculpture is a reflection of the strong work culture that people from the north of the country have in their DNA. For this reason, the construction of this piece was carried out by professional hands of artisans from the state of Nuevo León.

The design recreates the shape of one of the most emblematic elements of Monterrey, the famous Cerro de la Silla. Made of quarry, a typical handicrafts material of Nuevo León; its color and texture remind us of all the hills that surround the city of Monterrey, popularly known as the city of mountains.

The piece is made up of three independent quarry pieces, each with a different silhouette on top, together they are placed inside a steel container and when joined the three silhouettes show a frontal view of the iconic Cerro de la Silla.

As a result we have an imposing, robust and elegant piece that carries the essence of Nuevo León on all sides. A sculpture whose purpose is to create bonds of trust, formality and communication. A work that will add to the decoration of any interior space.