Postales UDEM Book Edition 1

Universidad de Monterrey is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Mexico. However, it hasn't just concentrated on maintaining its high academic standards. It has become a space of cultural conviviality in which students and teachers can be in contact with the artistic works of great, worldwide talent. Walking around campus means witnessing art almost everywhere.

YEAR 2021
  1. TEAM Editorial
    • DESIGN Mariela Gómez (2019)
      Zilia Zentella (2021)
    • EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPERS Gabriela Guajardo
      David Mata
      Rolando Angulo
Process / Creative proposal

“Postales UDEM” is a tribute to the aesthetic landscape with which UDEM's community lives day by day. This project explores the relationship between artwork, viewer, and meaning. Art awakens questions, sensations, and interpretations in us on a personal and collective level.

We created a concept called "Sensaciones". In this book we go through a wide threshold of colors, textures, shapes, and movements that stimulate our senses. The journey of art within us begins through our eyes, giving each work its own meaning.

Assembled within its pages, the book contains real postcards of the sculptures that exist as a complement to conceptual photographs taken by the university's students. Their vision is the lens that seeks to convey their emotions, their perspective, and the story that each student creates for each work.

Harmony / Synergy / Memory
The book is divided into three sections, each one referring to different reactions produced after experiencing each sensation.

The end result is a sober, clean editorial with a meticulously ordered structure that respects the artistic line of both the vision of the sculptors and architects, as well as that of the students, future artists in their corresponding area of expertise. What we end up with is a tribute that does not detract from what the book should express.