Rolando Angulo Website 2016

Rolando Angulo is a professional graphic designer specialized in documentary photography. During 2019 his digital photographic portfolio was redesigned to reflect the essence of his work.

YEAR 2019
    • DESIGN Julián Iñiguez, Paulina Álvarez
    • PHOTOGRAPHY Rolando Angulo
Process / Creative proposal

For the development and relaunching of the website we started by updating the typography of the logotype, maintaining its original essence in the graphic construction and reorganizing the spaces to improve legibility. The brand concept is defined by his last name (Angulo) that at the same time can be interpreted in the wordmark, which plays with different angulations and frames the versatility of the variants and photographic style that conforms the compositions of his works. Through his work, Angulo has a particular interest in looking deeper into telling stories that for some reason have been reserved, hidden or forgotten and transports the viewer into memories that awaken different types of feelings.

The website is designed with several established grids that allow to play and transform the configuration and visualization of each of Rolando’s projects. These reticulated structures allow us to highlight the most outstanding moments of each documentation so that the modules are not repeated from publication to publication. With this we create a bridge that connects the reticulated dynamic with the concept of versatility.

Through the website we can visualize the attributes of Rolando’s photographic work, immersing ourselves in his style and remarking every detail of the compositions. With all of this elements we achieve a final product in which every project tells its own story in the form of a sequence.