Biin Solutions

Each day, data analysis becomes more relevant for commercial and operative strategy generation and optimization. That’s when BIIN Solutions shows up.

Specialized in creating products that will solve internal communication problems, BIIN Solutions provides a 360-degree view of their clients’ business in order to, through the use of automated processes, help them reach their sales goals.

YEAR 2019
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Branding Strategy and communication
    • DESIGN Mariela Gómez (2019)
    • ANIMATION Mario Campos
Process / Creative proposal

We created digital and graphic assets for their events such as their specialized conference about Snowflake, an innovative, cloud-based data storage platform that is more flexible and efficient than their competitors’.

Inspired by the concept of data transference to the web we created an invitation in which the brand’s logo was fragmented into individual elements that coexist in one same space. Everything is accompanied by lines and beams of light that represent fiber optics, a vital asset in data transfer processes and cloud connectivity.

In a world as demanding as the Tech Industry, it’s important to present what the company is on all points of contact: an innovative, serious and elegant company.

We created a unique graphic solution for a company that also provides solutions for their clients.