DATAQ 2017

Infofast is a consulting, intelligence and business strategy development company based on instant data analysis.

YEAR 2019
    • CREATIVE AND ART DIRECTION Julián Iñiguez, Fernando Lozano
    • DESIGN Alice Martínez
Process / Creative proposal

Recently, “DATAQ” was introduced as a new product that collects and analyzes specific data in real time applying effective tactics to its customers in a brief period of time.

The name "DATAQ" comes from different understanding levels, “data” directly related to the database, “attack” referring to the immediate strategy that this product provides and “quest” related to the information search.

The concept of the brand arises from the word Quest. This word is related to legends and adventures. For this proposal we rely on the aesthetics of the capitulants of these books with a more current approach.

We created an identity capable of expressing the versatility of the brand, reassuring its value with a formal expression and innovation through a more updated image.