Delilah Typeface 2020

Delilah is a variable script font, inspired in the youth and their feelings, and works as a way of expressing ideas that only they could have. This typography was created from the motion several young people make as they write by hand. Each one help us define it. Each one wrote a part of this story.

YEAR 2020
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Strategy and Communication
      Julián Iñiguez
    • TYPEFACE DESIGN Ana Cristina Espinosa
Process / Creative proposal

The name originates from the song “Hey There Delilah”, of Plain White T’s, it is about a long distance relationship between two people that can only communicate through letters. It’s a font full of love, feelings and affection.

Delilah’s unique features difference it from any other typography. The fact that more than one character exist for each letter is a reflection of the personal spirit only handwritten stories have.

Numbers live with us and count days. Letters bear numbers in the dates they were written, as a reminder of the moment in which someone decided to portray that instant. That’s what we included in the numbers displayed in Delilah. Feelings that last on paper for prosperity.

The typography’s essence arises from daily elements, we all identify with. A sheet of paper is a place in which a million thoughts, of any kind, have been written. Love, ideas, memories. Emotions that find their place here.