Energiza Revista

XIGNUX is a multinational Mexican company with presence in 27 countries and more than 29,000 energizers. After six decades of transformation, their operations thrive in the industries of energy and food. In this fourth edition, we celebrate 66 years of success, introducing the renovated model of CTX — XIGNUX Work Culture.

YEAR 2023
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial
    • DESIGN Paulina Álvarez (2022)
Process / Creative proposal

The work culture presents how workers interact with each other and their operation. The concept for this project is based on the union of the XIGNUX energizers and the relationships that revolve around the integral development of the company. Throughout the magazine we can find the distinctive elements of CTX as a link that becomes the narrator of the contents and unifies the entire editorial publication from the beginning to the end.

Each color corresponds to one of the three components of the model: "Energizing people, powering our businesses, and living our values." Each one is supported by three differentiators that demonstrate the strategic thinking and operational performance that shapes their culture.

By integrating an effective work culture, XIGNUX promotes connections between the energizers themselves, fosters good relationships with their clients and suppliers, and drives interaction among all members of the community.

The magazine informs all corporate companies of the XIGNUX Work Culture model to implement it in all its approaches to the future.

The CTX model is present in the Energiza magazine, as well as in the XIGNUX corporate offices and in each of the XIGNUX Energizers desk’s.