Fotofinish 2016

The FotoFinish App mobile application is a tool created by Modern, a janitorial service provider, to aid entrepreneurs manage the cleaning status of public establishments like buildings, stores and food retailers. During 2020 an animated launching video was developed which explains how this new feature works and the benefits it brings to supervisors. The FotoFinish app is intended to aid supervisors execute inspections of all of their sites in a remote way, allowing them to keep their cleaners accountable and reducing supervision costs while improving the cleaning results.

YEAR 2020
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Motion Graphics
    • DESIGN Mario Campos
    • ANIMATION Mario Campos
Process / Creative proposal

The concept of the video is based on the idea of omnipresence: it intends to demonstrate that reviewing remotely and being aware of all places you are interested in can be as effective as actually being there. The video follows the activity of the cleaner, and how a manager becomes an ’omnipresent’ being that helps the cleaner get the job done correctly.

We developed a storyboard that demonstrates step by step the problems managers face and how the FotoFinish app attends these needs. The look and feel of the graphic style was developed with a focus in technology and innovation in order to communicate the message and create an environment of modernity through straight lines, animated geometries and a monochromatic color palette.

The storytelling of the message unfolds from our concept of omnipresence. While playing with the idea of giving managers this super power we clearly communicate the work process.

The FotoFinish mobile application replaces outdated practices of inspection and innovates providing daily validation of cleanliness. The video developed for Modern maintains this innovative spirit and communicates it through tech-inspired graphics and didactic and friendly storytelling.