Interpuerto Monterrey

Defined as an industrial development, Interpuerto Monterrey is the largest business bridge in the north of Mexico. It is an industrial park with a strategic location and manufacturing and logistics operations, developing in the center of the T-MEC.

YEAR 2023
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Web & Branding
    • DESIGN JEricka Estrada
      Mario Campos
    • ANIMATION Mario Campos
Process / Creative proposal

Based on the current need to be always connected, Interpuerto sought to update its website so that companies wishing to establish themselves in Mexico can have access to up-to-date information clearly and understandably.

The new design seeks to show the connection of all the data that highlights Interpuerto as the best industrial park in Mexico while respecting the segmentation of the complete content. It incorporated interactions that make the reading and analysis of the information more understandable.

Supporting by personalized icons, which have created graphics with abstract features that facilitate its interpretation and adjustment to different scales.

The new Interpuerto Monterrey website stands out for its versatility. With a focus on the international market, it has the option to choose between six different languages, adjusting to different business objectives. In addition to the fact that all the contents have an adaptable design, which fits into different digital formats, such as mobile phones and tablets.

The best inner port in Mexico. Industrial Park of 1,433 hectares.

This new web page manages to be the communication bridge through which the essential information passes to place Interpuerto Monterrey in a position with a greater presence within the digital medium.