El Lindero

Everything is born at the ranch. It’s the source of inspiration where it all finds its origin. It represents the source of food, business and family. More than sixty years of “La Huasteca’s” traditional flavor.

YEAR 2023
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial
      Julián Iñiguez
    • DESIGN Yareni Salazar
      María Martínez
    • INFO hola@reset.mx
    • FOLLOW US @madebyreset
Process / Creative proposal

“El Lindero” goes all the way back to 1961 in Ozuluama, Veracruz. Doña Chefina sold her first order of enchiladas to a passing trucker and soon word began to spread. Eventually, the popularity among the visitors turned Don Pancho's house into an improvised shed that read “El Lindero”, a name given by their own customers.

The menu’s design is inspired by pieces and signage from a traditional ranch. Its purpose is to narrate a story about a visit to “El Lindero”. The menu is made up of three individual sections that together create the complete material: food, drinks and desserts.

The menu can be viewed as a whole, with all the sections integrated to showcase the full material, or independently, unlinked from the others, if required. This way, the menu becomes a dynamic element on its own with variable functions.

We used earth tones to represent the origin of “El Lindero”, as well as photographs of ingredients and traditional dishes from “La Huasteca”.