Petra the origin of bread

Brand identity for a bakery workshop in the heart of monterrey, mexico. Petra has based on three pillars: the origin, the alliance, and the harvest.”The fire and the seed become our bread.”

YEAR 2023
Process / Creative proposal

Petra tells the story of two women linked by making bread; one represents the seed, and the other the stone with which the seeds have grounded. The grinding between the seeds of the earth and the stone makes them accomplices. And together, they begin the chronicle of bread baking.

One cannot exist without the other, and vice versa. Finally, the harvest has a parallelism with the production of bread.

Bread is synonymous with universal food; it is born from the earth and has its origin in stone.

The logo shows the stone and the seed representing the two women linked to eternity. The colors of the earth and the seeds are the basis of the brand, shades referring to the natural, complemented with neutral colors (grey and black).