Text from graphics Edition 1

The University of Monterrey presented in 2017 Texts From Graphics, a book where the results of the efforts made by several academic authors of the Graphic Design program of the University are exposed. This compilation of unattached texts seeks to communicate the concerns of the authors around the ideas that are held about the design.

YEAR 2017
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial Design
    • DESIGN Ana Lucía González
    • EDITION Marina Garza
Process / Creative proposal

The concept of the project summarizes the creative processes that graphic designers follow to solve communication problems. The aesthetic of the book was used as a tool to communicate the complex content in a simple and interesting way.


An iconographic system was developed for the book that works as visual support of the information contained. Each section has a cover that contains a set of icons of the developed system, which shows the particular idea of the chapter.

Being this a theoretical document, we allow ourselves to work in a dynamic that gave the star place to the typographical selections and the compositions where the hierarchies in and the most important data of each of the essays act like highlights. Thus the reading becomes more dynamic and light.

In addition to the contrast that we generate between holders and boxes of text, a fundamental element in the design of this book is the cover and the design of the hardcovers, since in these parts we find the icons main ones that appear throughout the chapters and that are the basis of the concept.