Theurel & Thomas

“Love is the collision of two lost souls searching for a home.” - Unknown
Theurel & Thomas is the first Mexican pâtisserie, since 2009. Their specialties are Franco-Mexican pastries, a collision from two cultures: the traditional French macaron with classical Mexican flavors. Their main attribute stems from the sum of design + architecture + gastronomy.

YEAR 2023
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Strategy and communication
    • DESIGN Julián Iñiguez,
      María Martínez
    • PHOTOGRAPHY Carlos Delgado de Robles (Fusion Flowers),
      Karina Zertuche (Campaign)
    • ANIMATION María Martínez
Process / Creative proposal

In 1833, various families immigrated from France to San Rafael, Veracruz. The Theurel & Thomas families brought their traditional gastronomic culture from France and adapted to the ingredients of the region. This fortuitous heritage is manifested in the fusion of the French recipes with Mexican ingredients, thus creating a union between both cultures.

Everyday we fall in love with people, places and ideas purely by chance. Love is not something you plan for, love is incidental. In this 2023 Valentine’s Day campaign we showcase the different ways in which love happen by accident. Our concept is born from merging two different halves to make a whole. Just as lovers who are always at each other’s side, or macarons made up of two lids or two flavors.

Therefore, we generated unique compositions of petals, pistils and macarons to create a completely new flower that represented this fortuitous collision. The flowers we have created represent each of the ten flavors of macarons chosen for this season of love: Pistachio, Raspberry, Chocolate, Rose Petals, Lavender, Gloria, Horchata with Vanilla, Praline, Chocolate with Cherry and Rose Petals with Raspberry.

This design system is reflected through our art direction, the photography, the animated clips for social media and the collection stickers used for packaging and digital platforms.