Crea una educación sin pausas 2020

2020 has been a year full of changes, with great challenges to overcome. Because of this, the University of Monterrey decided to jump in action to help students who are at risk of dropping out, under the premise that no student will be left behind.

YEAR 2020
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Strategy and communication
      Julián Iñiguez
    • DESIGN Ana Cristina Espinosa
      Zilia Zentella
      Mario Campos
      Paulina Álvarez
    • “HANDWRITTEN” TYPEFACE DESIGN Ana Cristina Espinosa
    • MOTION GRAPHICS Mario Campos
Process / Creative proposal

From this, the idea of ​​“Crea una educación sin pausas” was born, a campaign dedicated to seek the unity of the community to boost those who are in charge of the future: the youth.

The concept of the campaign reflects the difficulties of 2020 and how we have entered an indefinite pause that affects us in different ways: concerts canceled, flights changed, and there is great uncertainty in our day-to-day lives. However, every day we strive to move forward, we do not stop breathing, dreaming, and looking to the future. We continue on our way, proving that talent does not stop.

Through illustrations and campaign phrases we communicate our concept, where students and their great motivation try to make their dreams come true.

The campaign's graphic style combines bright colors with illustrations and fonts that represent each of the elements of the campaign. The illustrations show the students in their daily lives.

The font selection is made up of Heroine Pro and a font designed and customized by RESET with a “handwritten” style created for the campaign. Heroine Pro represents the university through its elegant and highly legible strokes, showing the formality and strength of the institution. On the other hand, the students are represented through the “handwritten” typeface that is young and with variable special characters.

Through this campaign, the community is called together to create an unmatched strength that helps talented youth fulfill their dreams and goals.