Inkplant 2016

Inkplant is a high-end tattoo studio located in San Pedro Garza García, created in 2013 and with the ambition to expand, sought to renew its image in 2016 with the concern to accommodate a growing market with high expectations to obtain a quality and sanitary service, they offer a space away from conventional tattoo studios with relaxed and informal aesthetics.

YEAR 2016
    • DESIGN Julián Iñiguez
Process / Creative proposal

In the logo we create a link with the needles used as the main tool in the rotary and coil machines with which the tattoos are made, through the typographic treatment the edges in the graphic elements are a reflection of the essence of the Inkplant brand. Tattoos are part of the main characteristics of the old school and return to their roots.

Unique packages were also created for the inks with the institutional colors and adding a color code to the labels to distinguish between them; Other elements that the brand embraces are the products for skin care after performing a tattoo, ranging from revitalizing creams, moisturizing liquids and cosmetic products that help maintain the intensity of colors.

With this proposal for the full redesign of the brand and the way it communicates with the audience, this brand stands out of the conventional figures within the market creating a new segment.

Inkplant seeks to solve the needs of an emerging audience much more demanding than the studies of traditional tattoo don't solve.

We designed a broad graphic approach that besides the service of tattoos and implants incorporates the packaging design of several skin care products.