EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey presented in 2014 Sustentus, annual report where the result of the sum and the collaboration with its strategic alliances is exposed, which have managed to exceed their limits and previous scopes generating a greater impact and growth.

YEAR 2015
  1. TEAM DEPARTMENT Editorial Design
    • DESIGN Ana Lucía González
      Erika Múzquiz
Process / Creative proposal

The information contained in this report is presented in such way that the sum created by collaborative work among allies is reflected, not only in the fulfillment of goals, but in exceeding expectations.

The sign of sum, as a symbol of alliances, became a key element of the book's editorial concept and it is integrated into the design through the creation of graphics, die cuttings and compositions. Likewise, the sense of overcoming established goals is represented in a typographical way when important texts such as titles and subtitles go beyond the space of the pages referring to the growth and expansion that EGADE has had.

Composed of multiple visual graphic elements that help to promote the proper reading along the book through color and large icons, following the same principle of going beyond highlight ing the expansion and conquering of goals.

This editorial project is the response given by the studio to the request of EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey: to record the results obtained and the goals achieved during the year thanks to the addition and collaboration with their strategic alliances.